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 old Armintrout Chevy CO., Piketon in front office

David Pinkerton collection

Piketon Meat Market

Frormer Armintrout Chev. Company building 31 March 2016 with no apparent business activity going on

photo by Tyrone Hemry

Coopers Store ad Feb 9, 1950 Republican Herald

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The Former Outback Printing

photo by Tyrone Hemry September 2006

Cardo's Pizza

photo by Tyrone Hemry August 2006

Willey D's Dinner on Shyville Road now out of business and has been removed

photo by Tyrone Hemry March 2010

Los Primos but now is out of business and building is for sale

photos by Tyrone Hemry April 2011

Frantina's became Los Primos

Photo by Tyrone Hemry March 2011

Wagon Wheel Restaurant 5 Aug 1959 ad

Lee Jefferson, of Chillicothe rented the Wisteria Inn, at Piketon and will take charge at once. The place is owned by Mrs. Ben Kohner.
9 Feb 1933 The Waverly Watchman

Piketon Purperos restaurant 1969 view

Bill Purpero, coming from Chillicothe, bought the former truck stop type restaurant 24 Sep 1963 from Clem Clemmons.  Clemmons was the original owner selling out to a Sparks and Dorothy who then remodel the place.  Clemmons bought back in and eventually bought out his partners. On opening night the water system failed and a complete new system put in. Quite a shock for a very young man just starting. Bill went on to add a 30' x 24" addition on the north side and eventual on the south side another addition to sell 18 cent hamburgers. The Chamber of Commerce use to hold their monthly diner meetings at the restaurant.  A fire in the 70s killed the restaurant and is now the parking lot for Bill's Ohio Candle Co. Inc.

Livery Stable at Piketon

Elmer Dawson Blacksmith Shop c1900

Ralph Davis when the store was still Coopers Store

Notice the house next door in both pictures.  Prior to becoming Davis Market it was Coopers. Store is now clsoed and sets empty

photo by Tyrone Hemry  May 2008

J. B. Reif Grocery Store in Piketon, Ohio

Piketon meat market

Former business in Piketon, Ohio

Starr IGA

David Pinkerton collection

The house shown next to the J. B. Reif Grocery Store in Piketon, Ohio

photo by Tyrone Hemry July 2017

Davis Drive-in Restaurant

Piketon Parts now closed and building being modified and a gas station built

photo by Tyrone Hemry 20 March 2011

Piketon Hotel on Main Street before it was replaced by Armintrout Chevy CO

I think the Grove is still going.

I remember in a barber shop in Waverly telling a story about Roy Rogers and a couple friends coming up to the Grove.  He said Roy who didn't drink stayed outside in his Car.

photo by Tyrone Hemry 22 May 2016

Wall Paper & More May 2011 and is now out of business.  Store then became The Ferguson Collection with completely different merchandise and now is also out of business.

photos by Tyrone Hemry

Former Leist department store

photo by Tyrone Hemry  April 2010

Old Village Barber Shop now closed

photo by Tyrone Hemry October 2006

McCoys Restaurant next to the Piketon Post Office now out of business and building setting empty

photo by Tyrone Hemry

Piketon former restaurant torn down to built a gas station

photo by Tyrone Hemry 12 April 2017

Armintrout Chev. Company matchbook cover

 old Armintrout Chevy CO. Auto mechanics

David Pinkerton collection

Nichols Pizza and Malt Shop

The malted milk shake dates from the 1950's and it is quite a tasty treat. In those days, there really were places called Malt Shops. They served Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Fries, Milk Shakes, and Malted Milk Shakes!

Taller man is probably Ted Armintrout 

Store when it was The Fergusion collection

Photo by Tyrone Hemry August 2014

Zones Corner Grocery Oct 2010 shortly before being torn down for the changes in the highway.  A new building has since been built.

photo by Tyrone Hemry

Armintrout Chevy CO. on Main Street, Piketon, Ohio started in 1926

 Jason Foster collection